Our Service

Education and care for babies and children from birth up until the term after a child’s fifth birthday.  We operate all year-round excluding bank holidays, between 7am and 7pm, Monday through to Friday.  We believe that a child’s first five years are the most important, formative ones.

Our nursery revolves around the seasons, but you will find us undertaking activities outside all year, just shorter days for the younger ones or when the weather is cooler.  Our food is freshly cooked on the premises each day and the menu is extremely varied with a focus on health and nutrition.  The menu is shared daily with parents through our ‘app’ which includes other individual care aspects for each child such as sleeping and toilet training information, newsfeed, and blog.  Other methods of communication include our individual password protected parent’s website which contains photographs and frequent news updates, our private mobile phone for texting.  

Our reflection boards in each room are updated most days (usually through photographs, words, and captions) and are a wonderful way of sharing the day and the activities that each child has undertaken.  They often form the basis for further communications for parents with their children when at home.

We hope to work with each parent, understanding the values of each other’s role in relation to the development and education of your child.